geom vs. removable disks/cards (was: Re: random problem with 8.3 from yesterday)

Juergen Lock nox at
Sat Feb 25 07:13:50 UTC 2012

In article <1330126840.7317.60.camel at revolution.hippie.lan> you write:
>On Sat, 2012-02-25 at 00:39 +0200, Andriy Gapon wrote:
>> on 24/02/2012 18:23 Ian Lepore said the following:
>> > I've always
>> > suspected something in the geom layer isn't noticing that a CF or SD
>> > card in the reader got removed/inserted/reformatted, and un-/re-plugging
>> > the whole reader (making the cam layer destroy and recreate the devices)
>> > makes geom aware of the change.
>> This is a fact, actually.  Nothing in GEOM layer (and below it) notices a silent
>> card change, since most hardware doesn't have any notification for the change
>> and FreeBSD disk stack doesn't do any polling for changes.
>If the hardware did have change notification, is there a mechanism that
>would communicate that to geom?  That's a precursor question to my real
>question:  is there a way to manually kick geom when necessary?  If the
>api exists but there's no userland app to make the needed calls, I'll
>write some code -- just point me at a manpage or header file.

scsi has a mechanism called unit attention to report things like
media changes, not sure usb devices use that tho since the host can
only poll them...

 Anyway, the usual workaround is to force a geom retaste by opening
the device for writing without actually writing anything, e.g.:

	# : >/dev/da0

 Btw this can't be Erich's problem I'd say since he said he's
plugging in a thumbdrive not a card into a reader (and also writing
/dev/zero to it) so geom _should_ already taste it.  (Unless the
write fails since the thumbdrive is too slow initializing or something
like that...)


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