nmbclusters: how do we want to fix this for 8.3 ?

Zaphod Beeblebrox zbeeble at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 06:54:37 UTC 2012

It could do some good to think of the scale of the problem and maybe
the driver can tune to the hardware.

First, is 8k packet buffers a reasonable default on a GigE port?
Well... on a GigE port, you could have from 100k pps (packets per
second) at 1500 bytes to 500k pps at around 300 bytes to truly
pathological rates of packets (2M pps at the Ethernet-minimum of 64
bytes).  8k buffers vanish in 1/10th of a second in the 1500 byte case
and that doesn't even really speak to the buffers getting emptied by
other software.

Do you maybe want to have a switch whereby the GigE port is in
performance or non-performance mode?  Do you want to assume that
systems with GigE ports are also not pathologically low in memory?
Perhaps in 10 or 100 megabit mode, the driver should make smaller

For that matter, if mbufs come in a page's worth at a time, what's the
drawback of scaling them up and down with network vs. memory vs. cache

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