ssh-add echos passphrase

Warren Block wblock at
Wed Feb 22 01:01:09 UTC 2012

On Tue, 21 Feb 2012, Doug Barton wrote:

> On 02/21/2012 16:16, Warren Block wrote:
>> Is anyone else seeing ssh-add echo the passphrase on a recent 8-stable?
> No. Are you sure that you're running the agent before you ssh-add?

8.3-PRERELEASE FreeBSD 8.3-PRERELEASE #0: Tue Feb 21

   # pkill ssh-agent
   % ssh-add ~/keyfile
   Could not open a connection to your authentication agent.
   % eval `ssh-agent -c`
   Agent pid 2658
   % ssh-add ~/keyfile
   Enter passphrase for /home/wblock/keyfile: abc123

Another system has -stable from January 13 and works as expected (no 
passphrase echo).

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