[CFT] modular kernel config

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at Leidinger.net
Tue Feb 21 13:35:58 UTC 2012


I created a kernel config for i386/amd64 (should work on -current and  
9.x) and a suitable loader.conf which:
  - tries to provide as much features as GENERIC (I lost one or two disk
    controllers, they are not available as a module... or I didn't find
  - incorporates some more features based upon a poll on stable@
    (see below)
  - loads as much as possible as a module

I've compile-tested them on i386 and amd64, but I didn't had time yet  
to give it a try on a spare machine. I may get some time next week to  
test (i386 only). It would be nice if someone could help testing:
  - compile the kernel
  - make _sure_ you have a way to recover the system in case
    the new kernel+loader.conf fails
  - verify that the example loader.conf contains all devices
    which are important for you
  - copy the example loader.conf to /boot/loader.conf
  - give it a try

You can download from
The files are
   - i386_SMALL
   - i386_SMALL_loader.conf
   - amd64_SMALL
   - amd64_SMALL_loader.conf
I didn't provide direct links for eqch one on purpose. If you do not  
know how to recover a system with an unsuitable loader.conf, don't  
give this a try (you could check a diff between GENERIC and SMALL, and  
make sure all removed devices which are imporant for you are in the  
loader.conf). They should work on -current and on 9.x, for 8.x I'm not  
sure if it woll work without removing some stuff (GENERIC on 8.x comes  
without some more debugging options, make sure you don't get surprised  
by them, but those may not be the only differences).

I didn't use the name MODULAR on purpose, I've chosen a name where the  
first letter does not yet exist in the kernel config directory, to  
make tab-completion more easy. If you are not happy with the name,  
keep your opinion for yourself please, until after you tested this on  
a (maybe virtual) system.

The loader.conf was generated with a script from a diff between  
GENERIC and SMALL, if there's a name mismatch between the config-name  
and the module-name, the script may have missed the module (I added  
some missing sound modules, but I may have overlooked something). You  
better double-check before giving it a try. The loader.conf is also  
supposed to disable some features (at the end of the file) which are  
new compared to what is in GENERIC, if the particular feature could  
cause a change in behavior.

The new stuff in the kernel config compared to GENERIC is (in order of  
number of requests from users):
  - IPSEC (+ device enc + IPSEC_NAT_T)
  - ALTQ
  - IPSTEALTH (disabled in loader.conf)
  - IPFIREWALL_FORWARD (touches every packet, power users which need
    a bigger PPS but not this feature can recompile the kernel,
    discussed with julian@)
  - FLOWTABLE (disabled in loader.conf)

In the poll there where some more options requested, but most of them  
can be handled via the loader or sysctl (e.g. the firewalls can be  
loaded as modules). For some of them I added some comments at the end  
of the SMALL config to make it more easy to find the correct way of  
configuring them. Doc-committers may want to have a look, maybe  
there's an opportunity to improve existing documentation.

I'm interested in success reports, failure reports, and reports about  
missing stuff in loader.conf (mainly compared to the devices available  
in GENERIC, but missing stuff which could help getting a system  
installed and booted is welcome even if what you propose is not in  



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