devd based AUTOMOUNTER

vermaden vermaden at
Mon Feb 20 19:17:26 UTC 2012


I removed the state_lock and stat_unlock mechanisms as they
appeared to be not needed, I have shufled with 3 drives all
the time and the 'integrity' has not been lost, at it was a lot
faster, because the lock always had to wait for the 'slowest'
drive (in term of initializing the device, like USB hard drive).

I simplified the 'attach' section a lot, now each filesystem
contains only check/fsck (if possible), mount and log info.

I also simplified and improved the 'detach' section a little.

I have added an option to automatically launch the set-up
in config file manager (Yes, like in Windows ;p). 

These are options that I currently successfully use for
NAUTILUS file manager, You need to set-up all three of
them to make it work.

| FM="nautilus --browser --no-desktop"
| USER=vermaden

My whole config looks like that now:

| FM="nautilus --browser --no-desktop"
| USER=vermaden
| ENCODING=pl_PL.ISO8859-2
| CODEPAGE=cp852

All latest updates are available at GITHUB:

written by Freddie Cash ...

> Konqueror (KDE 3.x and 4.x) and Dolphin (KDE 4.x mainly, but I
> believe there's a KDE 3.x version) also show automatically
> mounted and removable media in the sidebar.  Works nicely
> with HAL.  Haven't tested your script yet, but am intrigued by it.
> Will see if I can test it sometime this week.
> Native solutions are so much nicer than ported ones.  :)

Thanks, looking forward to hear some more input about it from You ;)

written by Fernando Apesteguía ...

> What a nice piece of work.

Thanks mate.

> I just downloaded it and try it on a FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE with
> custom kernel. It works like a charm. I tried three different
> USB devices without noticing any problems (and I was very
> impolite when I unplugged them).
> Thanks for this script.

Good to know, try the latest new version from repo, should be even better ;)


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