disk access seems unitask and ant-slow

H hm at hm.net.br
Sat Feb 18 12:42:02 UTC 2012


I have 9-Stable on one partition of my SATAII disk, with kde4, to be
sure I compiled yesterday sources world and kernel

happens that any secondary task with diskaccess is so very slow that it
is inacceptable

for example, compiling firefox and then trying to open an image with
gimp, I am sitting here for over 5 minutes and the open image dialog
still do not show the directory content ..., same with dolphin or any
other diskaccess

I have enough cpu and ram, I go back to 8.2 and everything runs smooth
and fast as usual, same on fedora10 partition

my disk is good and found as ada, no fault anywhere

system is almost sleeping
CPU:  2.6% user,  0.0% nice,  3.6% system,  1.3% interrupt, 92.5% idle

I would be glad to get any good hint how to change that


+55 (17) 4141.2222

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