kerberized NFS

Rick Macklem rmacklem at
Sat Feb 18 03:13:50 UTC 2012

Giulio Ferro wrote:
> Thanks everybody again for your help with setting up a working
> kerberized nfsv4 system.
> I was able to user-mount a nfsv4 share with krb5 security, and I was
> trying to do the same as root.
> Unfortunately the patch I found here:
> fails to apply cleanly on a 9 stable system.
There is now a patch called:
that should apply to a FreeBSD9 or later kernel.

For the kernel to build after applying the patch, you will
need a kernel config with
options KGSSAPI
in it, since the patch adds a function that can't be called
via one of the XXX_call() functions using the function pointers.

Also, review the section of the wiki where it discusses setting
because the host based initiator keytab entry won't work unless
it is set correctly.

Good luck with it, rick

> Is there a more recent patch available or some better way to
> automatically
> mount the share at boot time?
> Thanks again.
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