The "New BSD Installer" thread has shown me that I am totally obsolete in disk partitioning.

Edwin L. Culp W. edwinlculp at
Fri Feb 17 20:34:01 UTC 2012

I've been following the above mentioned thread because I
wasn't convinced by the new bsd installer on my latest installation.  Now,
the problem that I am seeing is no longer the new installer but  that I am
obsolete in modern freebsd disk partitioning options and reliability of
each.  I've been doing it the same way since before "the turn of the
century" (13 or 14 years).  Hopefully I'm not alone.

If such a thing exists,  I need a howto in mixing and matching all the
different partitioning options and combinations, pro's and con's, for as
many modern situations as possible. Any suggestions appreciated.

I did look at the handbook but it seems to have changed little and uses
sysinstall for the examples at:

Thanks for any suggestions.  I apologize for my ignorance.


P.S.  I have wanted to understand and try things like the following comment
to the thread,  but I have no idea where to begin or options for doing it.

            Sorry, I wasnt suggesting that you should always mirror
            the indiviudual partititons - just I happen to do that where
            I am mixing ZFS and gmirror. Obviosuly you dont want to create
            lots of little mirrors if you dont have to. But even with
            one mirror, you can mirror a big partiton covering the whole
            drive, and then carve that up with bsdlabel. No need to ever
             the actual raw discs, and it works with GPT.

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