9-stable from i386 to amd64

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Sat Feb 11 06:10:36 UTC 2012

On 11. Feb 2012, at 05:48 , Doug Barton wrote:

> On 02/10/2012 20:56, Randy Bush wrote:
>> is there a recipe for moving from i386 to amd64?
> Other than backup and reinstall, no. As you already discovered the old
> world won't run on the new kernel. Installing the new world before
> reboot isn't safe either, as at some point in the process it'll blow up.

heh?  An i386 world should run (almost) fine on an amd64 kernel.  I know
people who have done that update (but I know of no one done it headless).

One trick is to install to a swap partition boot that and then update the
normal installation but you need to know what you are doing in that case
as well.  If you are very careful, that can be done headless - did a
re-paritioning in a similar way lately.   But in general it's all a gamble
if not a streamlined process and no console.


PS: do you happen to know why the amd64 kernel did hang on boot?

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