zfs arc and amount of wired memory

Eugene M. Zheganin emz at norma.perm.ru
Wed Feb 8 10:32:03 UTC 2012


On 08.02.2012 02:17, Andriy Gapon wrote:
> [output snipped]
> Thank you.  I don't see anything suspicious/unusual there.
> Just case, do you have ZFS dedup enabled by a chance?
> I think that examination of vmstat -m and vmstat -z outputs may provide some
> clues as to what got all that memory wired.
Nope, I don't have deduplication feature enabled.

By the way, today, after eating another 100M of wired memory this server 
hanged out with multiple non-stopping messages

swap_pager: indefinite wait buffer

Since it's swapping on zvol, it looks to me like it could be the 
mentioned in another thread here ("Swap on zvol - recommendable?") 
resource starvation issue; may be it happens faster when the ARC isn't 

So I want to ask - how to report it and what should I include in such pr ?


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