kernel debugging and ULE

Julian Elischer julian at
Mon Feb 6 05:51:44 UTC 2012

so if I'm sitting still in the debugger for too long, a hardclock
event happens that goes into ULE, which then hits the following KASSERT.

                KASSERT(pri >= PRI_MIN_BATCH && pri <= PRI_MAX_BATCH,
                     ("sched_priority: invalid priority %d: nice %d, "
                     "ticks %d ftick %d ltick %d tick pri %d",
                     pri, td->td_proc->p_nice, td->td_sched->ts_ticks,
                     td->td_sched->ts_ftick, td->td_sched->ts_ltick,

The reason seems to be that I've been sitting still for too long and 
things have become pear shaped.

how is it that being in the debugger doesn't stop hardclock events?
is there something I can do to make them not happen..
It means I have to ge tmy debugging done in less than about 60 seconds.

suggesions welcome.


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