sentex tinderbox build cluster failures

Jeremy Chadwick freebsd at
Fri Feb 3 08:48:19 UTC 2012


For many days now (almost a week?) there have been tinderbox build mails
coming from the build cluster, specific to powerpc, mips, and
sparc64 platforms.

The errors in question are strange and may indicate some kind of
filesystem corruption or equivalent -- I'm really not sure.

Breaking them down:

powerpc/powerpc, RELENG_8_2 --

	/src/sys/powerpc/booke/platform_bare.c:82: error: expected '}' before ';' token

	This file hasn't been touched in over 2 months:

mips/mips, RELENG_8_2 --

	/src/sys/mips/alchemy/obio.c:513: warning: pointer type mismatch in conditional expression

	This file hasn't been touched in over 2 months:

mips/mips, RELENG_8_1 --

	In file included from /src/sys/mips/sentry5/siba_cc.c:58:
	/src/sys/dev/siba/sibavar.h:487: error: field 'sd_id' has incomplete type
	/src/sys/dev/siba/sibavar.h:526: error: 'SIBA_MAX_CORES' undeclared here (not in a function)

	src/sys/mips/sentry5/siba_cc.c has been Attic'd, and the last
	time it was touched was 14 months ago:

	src/sys/dev/siba/sibavar.h hasn't been touched in over 2 months:

All recent tinderbox failures for RELENG_8 (for mips, ia64, and sparc64)
appear to be related to a commit Jack did ~7 hours ago, and are almost
certainly temporary/transient errors (e.g. csup/cvs pulldown didn't get
the full commit).  So we can ignore those.

The others need to be investigated though.

Users on the freebsd-stable lists have been complaining about these
continual errors, so I was wondering if they're being investigated.
I also got one off-list mail from someone personally asking me if I knew
what could be going on or had any insights to this (not sure why that
person thought that -- I have nothing to do with tinderbox :-) ).

Let us know if you could.  Thanks!

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