Will we get a RELEASE-9.1 for Christmas?

Brett Glass brett at lariat.net
Sun Dec 9 03:18:55 UTC 2012

Just checking in, yet again, to ask about the status of FreeBSD 
9.1. We've been delaying construction of new servers (which we 
wanted to build during the US Thanksgiving holiday) until the 
release, and really want to be able to work on them over Christmas. 
I understand that the release was held back by server security 
issues and possibly by problems with CLANG's failure to emulate 
obscure quirks of GCC; are these now resolved? Is there anything 
else on the "TODO" list (the version on the Wiki is of no help; 
it's woefully out of date) to be done prior to release? Does the 
FreeBSD project need a fresh server to be donated to handle the release?

--Brett Glass

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