Problem with link aggregation + sshd

Pete French petefrench at
Wed Aug 29 10:44:33 UTC 2012

> Have you checked that Windows really did LACP in your case? Sounds like
> it was no real hardware stack, so probably Windos just activated RSTP.
> FreeBSD doesn't detect any LACP/RSTP configuration features, but windows
> does with some NIC verndor's drivers.

That is quite possible - I didnt set any of that side up, so am just
trying to remember what the networking people said was going on.
We may well have had some kind of magic drivers on the Windows side
of things - indeed  recall that there was some HP specific thing
to manage the ethernet cards on those severs (DL360s).

Actually I went and looked out my old emails - Cisco 3750 switches worked
as a pair with LACP, Cisco 3560 ones didn't. Whatever the difference is
between those two, thats the difference between working and not working :)
Is that real stacking vs virtual stacking by any chance ?


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