Problem adding more than 8 network adapters

Gustau Pérez i Querol gperez at
Wed Aug 29 07:35:55 UTC 2012


   I'm running FreeBSD 9.1 RC1/AMD64 with VirtualBox. The problem I'm 
facing is that I can't use more than 8 network adapters plugged to the 
virtual machine.

    Recent VirtualBox releases (since the 4.2RC1) allow, with the ICH9 
chipset, to plug more than 8 network adapters. It doesn't matter what 
type of network adapter I use, FreeBSD seems not to see more than 8.

    I tried the same configuration (virtual machine with ICH9 chipset 
and ten network adapters) with a Linux distribution (ubuntu). Linux 
seems to see all the network adapters. Thus I would say it is not an 
emulation@ problem, but maybe anyone in the list knows about this problem.

    I don't know if it's a net@ problem (already send it there too, I'm 
waiting for some answers) or maybe it is a problem with the emulated 
PCI-bridge and then stable@ should be contacted. Also, I'm not sure if a 
real machine would support more than 8 network adapters or not. Any 
hints would be appreciated.



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