Resume broken in 8.3-PRERELEASE

Alexey Dokuchaev danfe at
Tue Aug 28 02:07:02 UTC 2012

On Mon, Aug 27, 2012 at 05:34:54PM +0200, Hans Petter Selasky wrote:
> If the USB HC is feeding too many such IRQ's it will be stuck. However,
> if you see that "uhub_read_port_status()" is called, the kernel is at least
> running, though it might be that some IRQ is stuck, hence the 100% CPU
> usage. Could you try to get some IRQ stats?

Before zzz'ing:

db> show intrcnt
irq1: atkbd0		168
irq9: acpi0		8300
irc12: psm0		2
irq14: ata0		6301
irq16: bge0 uhci3	13
irq23: uhci0 ehci0	2
cpu0: timer		7306385
irq256: hdac0		30

After (within a minute after botched resume)

db> show intrcnt
irq1: atkbd0		479
irq9: cdpi0		8379
irc12: psm0		2
irq14: ata0		6377
irq16: bge0 uhci3	26
irq23: uhci0 ehci0	5
cpu0: timer		7731880
irq256: hdac0		34

Not too much difference.  Anything else I might get from DDB?  Unfortunately,
I am yet unable to save crashdump for later gdb analysis.


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