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Harald Schmalzbauer h.schmalzbauer at
Sat Aug 25 09:38:29 UTC 2012

 schrieb Peter Wemm am 24.08.2012 00:14 (localtime):
> ...
> You'll also find out very quickly how much fsync(2) hurts on a softdep
> or su+j system.  The svn fsfs backend does a fsync multiple times per
> revision to guarantee its transaction boundaries.

Not only on softdep ufs, also with zfs I'm seeing big performance
regressions (checkout ports from one zfs holding svnsynced repo to
another on the same pool takes hours with svn, while completed in less
than half an hour with csup)
But my real problem is that svn is not in the base system. And for
example installing subversion package on my cvsup mirror failed because
pkg-config-0-25_1 was installed and sqlite, a dependency of subversion,
wants to install pkgconf-0.8.5. So I'm hit by the henn-egg problem. I
hope I can build subversion (sqlite) with pkg-config-0 dependency, but
right now I still have to wait for this awful slow svn checkout (svn co
file:///svn/repos/mirror/ports/head /usr/ports/)

Can someone share any sensible tuning for svn and zfs?

Is it possible to build any svn compatible (checkout-only-capable)
binary without that much dependencies? If so, I hope this will be in the
base very soon.



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