LSI 9240-4i 4K alignment

Don Lewis truckman at
Sat Aug 25 07:17:52 UTC 2012

On  8 Aug, George Kontostanos wrote:

> The problem:
> When trying to create a RaidZ pool using gpart and perform a 4K
> alignment using  gnop, we get the follwoing error immediately after
> exporting the pool and destroying the .nop devices:
> id: 8043746387654554958
>   state: FAULTED
>  status: One or more devices contains corrupted data.
>  action: The pool cannot be imported due to damaged devices or data.
> 	The pool may be active on another system, but can be imported using
> 	the '-f' flag.
>    see:
>  config:
> 	Pool                      FAULTED  corrupted data
> 	  raidz1-0                ONLINE
> 	    13283347160590042564  UNAVAIL  corrupted data
> 	    16981727992215676534  UNAVAIL  corrupted data
> 	    6607570030658834339   UNAVAIL  corrupted data
> 	    3435463242860701988   UNAVAIL  corrupted data
> When we use glabel for the same purpose with the combination of gnop,
> the pool imports fine.

Might kern/170945 have something to do with this?

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