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Peter Jeremy peter at
Thu Aug 23 22:04:28 UTC 2012

On 2012-Aug-23 16:06:18 -0400, John Baldwin <jhb at> wrote:
>On Thursday, August 23, 2012 3:41:03 pm Peter Wemm wrote:
>> * Don't expect to see any 10.0-alpha/beta/rc/release/stable to *ever*
>> make it to an official cvs tree.  It's probably time to move a
>> freebsd-ified cvs from head to ports.
>I think this is a bit premature.  Just because we are moving away from
>using CVS as FreeBSD's scm doesn't mean CVS isn't a useful
>general-purpose tool still.  For smaller repositories that don't need
>fancier things like branches, CVS is quite useful and far lighter weight.

To me, this reads like the exact definition of a "ports, not base" use
case.  CVS (and RCS) are both GPL-licensed tools that (as of 10.x) no
longer serve any purpose in the base system.  I agree that they still
serve a purpose (I use CVS as a SCM both at home and $work) but (IMHO)
if they are not needed to support FreeBSD, they are not needed in the
FreeBSD base.

>I could see moving csup out to ports, but not necessarily CVS.

Ideally, csup would learn how to talk to a SVN repository so it
can continue to be used to update a local src tree (without needing
to install subversion).  Failing that, csup should probably also go.

Peter Jeremy
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