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Peter Wemm peter at
Thu Aug 23 19:41:05 UTC 2012

On Thu, Aug 23, 2012 at 6:47 AM, Ken Smith <kensmith at> wrote:
> On Thu, 2012-08-23 at 23:12 +1000, Ian Smith wrote:
>> On Thu, 23 Aug 2012 00:50:46 -0400, Ken Smith wrote:
>>  > With both the doc and ports repositories now moved to SVN it has been
>>  > decided to not export the 9.1 release branch activity to CVS.  So
>>  > csup/cvsup update mechanisms are not available for updating to 9.1-RC1.
>>  > If you would like to use SVN the branch to use is releng/9.1.
>> Assuming the stupid question is the one you didn't ask, just to clarify:
>> does this mean that c*sup won't work with these RCs in particular, or
>> that CVS is dead and SVN becomes mandatory from 9.1-RELEASE?
>> cheers, Ian
> The latter.  If you are not using FreeBSD-Update to handle the updates
> of a machine you'll need to update your source tree using SVN for
> release branches (releng/*) from now on.  Updates of the CVS repository
> will continue for the existing stable/* and head for now.  I don't think
> anything has been decided on when that will stop.

A couple of quick comments:

* RELENG_9 is still alive and will continue for the forseeable future.
 You can track 9-STABLE via cvs/cvsup.

* This was an accident, not something that we'd planned on to doing.
cvs is just something we mostly don't think about anymore for src.
The switch was thrown around 4 years ago now, back in 2008.  It's 2012

* releases (isos,, etc) have been build from svn since
9.0.  All the embedded $FreeBSD$ strings etc are svn-style.  If you
tried to check out from RELENG_9_0 or RELENG_9_1 (which is missing)
from cvs and do a build, the binaries *DO NOT MATCH* the official
binaries.  What's happening here is that there's no
"RELENG_9_1_0_RELEASE" tag in cvs.

* Don't expect to see any 10.0-alpha/beta/rc/release/stable to *ever*
make it to an official cvs tree.  It's probably time to move a
freebsd-ified cvs from head to ports.

* RIght now you can mirror
svn://{stable/9,release/9.1*,etc} to your laptop,
and Simon is setting up a US-east coast and US-west coast mirror.  You
can easily switch your mirrors on the fly if there's a closer/faster

* We have some "seed" tarballs of recently synced repo images around
somewhere. I'll see where they're available.  But in a nutshell, you
do this:
  /home/peter/svnsync$ fetch svnmirror-base-r123456.txz
  /home/peter/svnsync$ tar xf svnmirror-base-r123456.txz
  /home/peter/svnsync$ svnsync file:///home/peter/svnsync/base
and run that from cron with a lock file, probably with "-q" for quiet.
Then you can have a local copy of the repo for offline use.  It has
the same repo uuid so you can svn switch/relocate at will.  I
personally on my laptop.

You can do your own personal svnsync all the way from rev 0, but it
takes some time.  It's more time efficient to start with a seed and
let it catch up.

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