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Rainer Duffner rainer at
Thu Aug 23 16:20:23 UTC 2012

Am Thu, 23 Aug 2012 09:43:01 -0600
schrieb Ian Lepore <freebsd at>:

> On Thu, 2012-08-23 at 11:17 -0400, Ken Menzel wrote:
> > 
> > I found two good primers:
> >
> >
> > 
> > The second primer in the committer handbook seems to indicate that
> > it is difficult to run an SVN mirror. This appears to me to be the
> > biggest drawback.  I have been using CVS and perforce for years,
> > but subversion is new to me. 
> It may be difficult to run an svn mirror that allows you to commit
> locally and get those changes back to the project, but running a
> read-only mirror is trivial.  The script I run nightly from cron to
> sync my local mirror is:
>         #!/bin/sh
>         #
>         # svnsync to pull in changes from FreeBSD to my local mirror.
>         #
>         svnsync sync file:///local/vc/svn/base

I may have misunderstood all this, but I run a local read-only mirror of
the source-repository for my tinderbox (via the cvsup-mirror port).
Do I have to change that from csup to svn, too, then?

Given the fuzz made here about deprecating (or not) pkg_* recently, I
can hardly believe that this was "broken" "just so".

Is there a new port that does the same for svn?

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