t_delta too long / too short messages?

Rainer Duffner rainer at ultra-secure.de
Tue Aug 21 15:44:12 UTC 2012


I run 8.3 AMD64 in a VM (on esx 5u1).
Install went flawless, but on reboot, it takes a very long time to get
to the login-prompt and the console displays all these

t_delta 15.fe49d775fc69de00 too short
t_delta 16.03698e84842065e0 too long
t_delta 15.fe47fbbbc968bdc0 too short
t_delta 15.fe49aaef471687c0 too short
t_delta 16.0367d4c554c3ec80 too long
t_delta 15.fe49788cbd45b3a0 too short
t_delta 15.fe4c3ea023e27ee0 too short
t_delta 16.0366602823fd0d40 too long
t_delta 15.fe474bf8e2b3fd80 too short
t_delta 15.fe496f2d02e350a0 too short
t_delta 16.0369f9256c3f8c00 too long
t_delta 15.fe484a3d8260bae0 too short
t_delta 15.fe4902342c2b91c0 too short
t_delta 16.036760c4b2426360 too long

errors all the time.

What's the reason for these?

What does this mean for my server?

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