Problem with Linux >= 3.3 as NFSv4 server

Norbert Aschendorff norbert.aschendorff at
Mon Aug 20 14:56:11 UTC 2012

Hi all,
I recently noticed a problem in my network. I use some desktop machines
there, two with Linux kernel (Debian and Fedora, both using Kernel 3.5)
and a FreeBSD 9.0 (p4) machine.
Some days ago, I updated the Debian machine from Kernel 3.2 to Kernel
3.5 (from the experimental branch, 3.5-trunk-amd64; I hope you aren't
bothered by the Linux-specific parts).
Running 3.2, the FreeBSD machine was able to mount an NFSv4 share on the
Debian/k3.2 system properly, with UIDs etc (using nfsuserd on FreeBSD,
rpc.idmapd on GNU/Linux). Since I updated to Kernel 3.5, the FreeBSD
machine only shows 32767 as UID/GID for all files. `chown` works (even
though without any effect, but without error, so nfsuserd works).
This behavior occurred also when using Linux Kernel 3.3 or 3.4 on the
Debian (server) machine. With the Fedora 17 machine (also Kernel 3.5,
and the same users in /etc/passwd, of course), the same operation works
without this errors, showing the UIDs and GIDs I want it to.

1. Am I right on this list, or should I ask first on a Linux-oriented
2. Has anyone else noticed this or similar behaviour?
3. Any ideas about fixes, workarounds, known bugs?

-- norbert

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