Geom label lost after expanding partition

Kevin Oberman kob6558 at
Thu Aug 16 16:30:19 UTC 2012

I have a GPT formatted disk where I recently expanded the size of a
partition. I used "gpart resize -i 6 ada1" first to expand the
partition to use the remaining free space and then growfs to modify
the FFS file system to use the full partition. This was all done in
single-user mode, of course, but when I enter "exit" to bring the
system up, it failed to mount /usr. This was because /dev/ufs/usr did
not exist!

I assumed that gpart "lost" the label when it resized the partition
(which looked like a minor bug to me), but I have been completely
unable to re-create the label. I first tried  tunefs and then glabel.
(The handbook says glabel can be used, though the glabel man page is
explicit that it can't.) Both complete with no errors, but neither
fixes the problem. I still don't see any /dev/usf/usr. "glabel list"
does not even list the geom.

I do get the following GEOM messages in dmesg:
GEOM: ada1p2: invalid disklabel.
GEOM: ufsid/4df4feeda0ce6d5c: invalid disklabel.
GEOM: ufs/root: invalid disklabel.
GEOM: gpt/root: invalid disklabel.
GEOM: gptid/43f0eafd-ba3a-11e0-b70a-f0def166a11e: invalid disklabel.

but /dev/ufs/root works fine to mount /, and I have always snen these
errors and have never been able to figure out what is causing them.

 I ended up entering the actual drive node (/dev/ada1p6) into my
fstab. This works, but brings back the old issues of having to edit
the fstab any time the drive is moved.

Does anyone have any idea how to get the labels to work again? I'm not
even sure what tool displays what label as I can label with glabel,
tunefs, and newfs
R. Kevin Oberman, Network Engineer
E-mail: kob6558 at

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