lock violation in unionfs (9.0-STABLE r230270)

Harald Schmalzbauer h.schmalzbauer at omnilan.de
Thu Aug 9 18:48:32 UTC 2012

 schrieb Attilio Rao am 09.08.2012 20:26 (localtime):
> On 8/8/12, Harald Schmalzbauer <h.schmalzbauer at omnilan.de> wrote:
>>  schrieb Pavel Polyakov am 06.03.2012 11:20 (localtime):
>>>>> mount -t unionfs -o noatime /usr /mnt
>>>>> insmntque: mp-safe fs and non-locked vp: 0xfffffe01d96704f0 is not
>>>>> exclusive locked but should be
>>>>> KDB: enter: lock violation
>>>> Pavel,
>>>> can you give a spin to this patch?:
>>>> http://www.freebsd.org/~attilio/unionfs_missing_insmntque_lock.patch
>>>> I think that the unlocking is due at that point as the vnode lock can
>>>> be switch later on.
>>>> Let me know what you think about it and what the test does.
>>> Thanks!
>>> This patch fixes the problem with lock violation. Sorry I've tested it so
>>> late.
>> Hello,
>> this patch still applies cleanly to RELENG_9_1. Was there another fix
>> for the issue or has it just not been PR-sent and thus forgotten?
> Can you and Pavel try the attached patch? Unfortunately I had no time
> to test it, I just made in 5 free mins from a non-FreeBSD workstation,
> then you should be able to tell me if it works or not, even compiling
> it on a RELENG_9_1.
> Please try with INVARIANTS option on

Unfortunately I don't have a spare machine handy, but I ran a kernel
compile job in our lab and at least I can confirm that it applies +
compiles fine (i386 target on amd64, RELENG_9_1, options UNIONFS static
included on a heavy-nodevice-over-GENERIC kernel).



P.S.: I'll have a nice testing machine vacant soon, so if no one else
has time to test, I can come back in about 2 weeks with results. But
that's far too late for 9.1-RELEASE I guess.

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