pf nat fails on msk0 from packets deriving from a jail interface

George Mamalakis mamalos at
Thu Aug 9 07:15:23 UTC 2012

On 08/09/12 20:00, YongHyeon PYUN wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 08, 2012 at 02:33:25PM +0300, George Mamalakis wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Suddenly I am facing a problem on a new PC, using a configuration that I
>> have been using on more than 10 servers for the last few years. The only
>> thing that I find that differs from my other configuratinos is the NIC
>> of the PC. If not, I must be missing something very trivial.
>> I have built a jail on this PC, following the handbook's guidelines
>> (section: application of jails). The PC has one NIC, msk0, where I run
>> pf on (built on my kernel; I have already tried using the module). My
>> pf.conf is as simple as possible:
>> # cat  /etc/pf.conf
>> nat on msk0 from any to any ->
>> pass quick all
>> when I jexec inside the jail, and pf is running, I am unable to reach
>> any machine except my jail (not even the host). If pf is off, the
>> network works just fine (of course my router knows where to find my
>> jail's subnet).
>> What is strange is that if I tcpdump on msk0, then after a few seconds
>> that I request something from within the jail, I see the packets going
>> and coming on msk0 using the correct IP (the NAT IP), but it seems that
>> the machine fails to route them back inside the jail.
> I guess this is the same issue reported in kern/170081.
> Some msk(4) controllers lack full hardware checksum offloading
> capability such that pseudo checksum should be computed by upper
> layer. It seems pf(4) NAT was broken for controllers that lack
> pseudo checksumming. This indicates the following ethernet
> controller do not work with pf(4) NAT.
> sk(4), msk(4), fxp(4), hme(4) and gem(4)
> Try disabling RX checksum offloading as a work-around.
> #ifconfig msk0 -rxcsum
You were absolutely right! Once I disabled RX checksum offloading -as 
you suggested- everything started working just fine.

Since this issue has been reported already, I will not send a bug report.

Thanx again!

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