FreeBSD Intel H67 support

John john at
Tue Aug 7 07:13:06 UTC 2012

>I am planning on building a new FreeBSD box with Intel H67 motherboard.
>Anyone can comment what is the support of Intel H67 under FreeBSD? Any
>known issues I should be aware of, etc.?

I'm using an DH67BL with an i5-2500 running FreeBSD 9.0 as a media center. I
have not used USB3 or any built-in display hardware (nvidia card). I've only
tried SATA at 3 Gb/s. The box as used rarely goes to its single disk, so I
can't comment of disk subsystem performance. All the features I'm using are
working properly with no known issues.

John Theus
TheUs Group

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