console in graphic mode

nickolasbug at nickolasbug at
Mon Aug 6 14:46:12 UTC 2012

2012/8/6 Eugene M. Zheganin <emz at>:
> I'm trying to play with a console in graphic mode and with UTF-8 in it.
> Nowadays device sc and options SC_PIXEL_MODE are in GENERIC, so I added only
> the
> options         TEKEN_UTF8
> and built/installed the new kernel.
> Now I'm stuck in a pretty stupid situation: my monitor refuses to work in
> any of the graphical mode available. Only text modes are working.
> My monitor is a Dell E177FP, it's manufactured in 2006. I understand that
> this isn't the last model, but still it's not a museum showpiece.
> Can something be done in this situation ?

You need VESA and X86BIOS support in your kernel (for i386/amd64 archs).
options VESA is already included in GENERIC, you need to add options
X86BIOS to kernel config file or load modules during boot process (man


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