Who is responsible for Heimdal/Kerberos in FreeBSD

Ian Lepore freebsd at damnhippie.dyndns.org
Fri Aug 3 15:59:43 UTC 2012

On Thu, 2012-08-02 at 13:52 +0100, Attila Bogár wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm repeating my last month request.
> Who is responsible for Heimdal/Kerberos or GSSAPI/NFS in FreeBSD?
> I got a working NFSv3/Kerberos over UDP for EL6 nfs clients, but 
> suddenly I'm experiencing NFS I/O errors on high load/small files, which 
> I think are due to the buggy/old heimdal in FreeBSD.
> NFS+Kerberos with EL6 over TCP is broken anyway.
> Attila

There was a newer version of Heimdal (but not the newest) checked in
back in March by Stanislov Sedos (stas@) as r233294.  In the checkin
message he mentioned the possibility of bringing in an even newer
version soon.  While that doesn't amount to official responsibility for
the package, there is a certain degree of "you touched it, you own it"
in play, perhaps. :)

-- Ian

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