release documentation confusing for 9.1

Aristedes Maniatis ari at
Wed Aug 1 00:56:01 UTC 2012

Could I ask that someone with appropriate access rights review the state of release documentation for 9.1 beta. It is very confused.

1. This page is the best information available:

2. The link from the front page ( ) is labelled "Upcoming: 9.1-BETA1" but goes to a page which is mostly about existing releases, not the next release.

3. Clicking on the "view" link for the 9.1 information on that page takes you to which looks a lot like the information in point [1] but wrong/old.

4. On there is a link to "FreeBSD Snapshot Releases" for people interested in "FreeBSD-CURRENT (AKA 10.0-CURRENT)". But following the link takes you to a page where you get linked to "9-CURRENT, 8-STABLE, 7-STABLE, and 6-STABLE" snapshots.

It is possible I'm just stuck in the past, but I've never been able to navigate the 'new' bowling ball branded FreeBSD site nearly as well as the older incarnation. And yes, I can eventually figure it all out... but this information could be a whole lot clearer. I design information presentation for a living, so perhaps I'm picky about these things, but I do think that confusion could turn people away from my favourite operating system.

I'm happy to help if someone wants to enlist my assistance, but I don't currently have any commit rights on this project.


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