pf rdr rule question - corrected

Gót András andrej at
Sun Oct 30 23:04:10 UTC 2011

Dear All,

I'd like to have the following ruleset, for pure-ftpd passive port 

(pasv and past mistyping corrected)


rdr on $netif inet proto tcp from any to $internalip port 
$ftp_pasv_start:$ftp_pasv_end -> $internalip

pass in quick on $netif proto tcp from any to $internalip port 
$ftp_pasv_start >< $ftp_pasv_end keep state flags S/SA

My problem is that I got " unknown port $ftp_pasv_end" errors when I 
try to load it with pfctl. Of course I checked the manual and there's 
not much about macros in the nat rule section. Anyone knows what did I 
do wrong or missed in the manual?

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