Some questions about jails on FreeBSD9.0-RC1

Patrick Lamaiziere patfbsd at
Wed Oct 26 01:12:03 UTC 2011

Le Tue, 25 Oct 2011 22:52:55 +0200,
carlopmart <carlopmart at> a écrit :


>   I have installed one FreeBSD 9.0-RC1 host to run different services 
> (dns, smtp and www only) using jails. This host has two physical
> nics: em0 and em1. em0 is assigned to pyhiscal host, and I would like
> to assign em1 to jails. But em0 and em1 are on different networks:
> em0 is on and em1 in
>   I have setup one jail using ezjail. My first surprise is that
> ezjail only installs -RELEASE versions and not RC versions. Ok, I
> supouse that it is normal. But my first question is: can I install a
> FreeBSD 8.2 jail under a FreeBSD 9.0 host??

You may run 8.2 installed ports on 9.0 by using the port 

But I suggest to upgrade the port ASAP.

>   And the real question: How do I need to configure network under
> this jail to access it? I have configured ifconfig param for em1 on
> host's rc.conf, but what about the default route under this jail?? I
> thought to use pf rules, but I am not sure.

jail enforces the use of the jail IP address in the jail, but that's
all. Just enable routing on the host.

Also be sure that the host's daemons don't bind on the jail IP
address, as explained in the man page of jail (Setting up the Host


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