Interpreting MCA error output

Andriy Gapon avg at
Tue Oct 18 13:21:29 UTC 2011

on 18/10/2011 14:33 Jeremy Chadwick said the following:
> Why?  Most MCEs on FreeBSD will panic the machine.

Incorrect.  Correctable MCEs should not panic a machine.  Uncorrectable should.

>  I would need to go
> through the MCA code to see what all gets handled elegantly,

Please do.

> but I
> imagine there isn't much.

Please defer your imagination.

> Also, isn't devd for device removal/insertions?

Not only.  It might have started like that, but now it is almost a generic
mechanism for kernel to userland notifications (e.g. ACPI events).

> This would be using
> devd for something it isn't intended for.  I guess I have "moral
> objections" to it.  What you're really wanting is Solaris's fmd(1m)
> daemon, which I believe is also tied heavily into Solaris's smf(5)
> architecture.

Andriy Gapon

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