bsdinstall partitioning

Gabor Kovesdan gabor at
Sun Oct 9 21:46:08 UTC 2011


I just had my first encounter with the new installer. I chose manual 
partitioning, created a BSD disk (not GPT) with one swap and the rest 
for /. Rest of the installation went fine but then my system didn't 
boot. I repeated everything and I chose guided partitioning. This time 
it worked but I think the manual way with BSD disk format should also 
work as it did in sysinstall. Besides, the partition types (freebsd-ufs, 
freebsd-swap and freebsd-boot) should be listed somehow or there should 
be radio buttons. If you choose manual partition with GPT, only the 
first two are shown in the description so one may not know that there is 
also a freebsd-boot type, which is mandatory.

Anyway, the rest of the installer and the configuration is very 
convenient and I loved that I could configure my wifi connection w/o 
hand-editing the config files, so thanks a lot to Nathan for the hard work!


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