BETA3 not buildable

Matthew Seaman m.seaman at
Sat Oct 8 10:25:21 UTC 2011

On 08/10/2011 10:43, Jeremy Chadwick wrote:
> 175 STARTTIME!= LC_ALL=C date
> 176 CHECK_TIME!= find ${.CURDIR}/sys/sys/param.h -mtime -0s
> 177 .if !empty(CHECK_TIME)
> 178 .error check your date/time: ${STARTTIME}
> 179 .endif
> 180
> The OP is using HEAD (or maybe RELENG_9? [1]), but I would hope the same
> check above would be in that tags' src/Makefile.  Now I'm rambling
> again.

Yep.  Still there, although now at line 216 in stable/9.

> [1]: I assume that's been tagged; I wouldn't know, as it'll be a long
> time before I dare try 9.0, for tons of reasons which I'm not going to
> go into here since they're off-topic (simple version: way, way too many
> bugs in the installer, and bugs like kern/160860 scare the living crap
> out of me to the point where I don't dare touch it).

Correct.  stable/9 has been branched in SVN, and there's a RELENG_9
branch in CVS.  Lots of the infrastructure for the new branch is in
place, but there's still plenty of work to do -- for instance, there
isn't an INDEX-9 file available for ports yet.

The experience of installing and running stable/9 is much smoother than
you might think given your comments.  Certainly it is not ready for
prime-time yet, but it's looking pretty good so far.  What the project
needs now is as much testing as possible, so that bugs can be detected
and fixed before the release.  Which means running up a copy of
9.0-BETA3 on scratch hardware or in a VM and trying out your favourite
applications in an environment where you can afford for it all to go
horribly wrong without spoiling your whole day.  That's asking for
significant time and effort from people and anyone that can manage to do
so will receive no reward other than good karma.



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