serious packet routing issue causing ntpd high load?

Steven Hartland killing at
Wed Oct 5 00:27:30 UTC 2011

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From: "Steven Hartland" <killing at>
> This seems very much like the following pr which was fixed:-
> "Remove a bogusly introduced rtalloc_ign() in rev. 1.335/SVN 178029,
> generating an RTM_MISS for every IP packet forwarded making user space
> routing daemons unhappy":-
> The box is doing no routing, its fairly basic install with
> 1 main IP on em0 + 1 alias + gw addres and 1 private ip on em1.
> Its running mysql and thats about it.
> Any ideas?

This may also be causing significantly higher than expected
kernel time as well:-
0 root      161  -8    0     0K  2560K -       1  44:26 23.88% kernel

I've removed the alias on em0 and removed all addresses from em1
leaving just 1 address on em1 + lo0 and still seeing the same


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