NANO_MODULES introduced in looks inconvenient

Mamoru Iwaki 1wkmmr at
Tue Oct 4 12:33:07 UTC 2011


Re: $FreeBSD: src/tools/tools/nanobsd/,v 2011/10/02
13:48:15 mr Exp $ was modified on Revision 225923 Sun Oct 2 13:48:15 2011
UTC.  That introduced new variable NANO_MODULES which specifies kernel
modules to be included in the final disk image.  As a result, no kernel
module is installed if NANO_MODULES is empty.  It might be useful to
reduce the image size.  This specification may be acceptable for
embedding system's use.

   However, on the other hand, it means we have to specify all the
necessary modules.  I'm using nanobsd as a usb-bootable freebsd of
fullset.  This usb-bootable image is convenient when we use fullset of
freebsd on some ms-windows installed pc's which is not allowed to
install other OS (Sometimes, we have to give up the warranty if we
install other OS.).  In this scenario, The current specification is not

   How about the following functional modification to the in

    ** If NANO_MODULES is not defined, all modules are installed.


PS. I'm not sure where is the best place to ask.  Is it mr?, but how can
I access to mr, no way.
Mamoru Iwaki

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