8 Stable won't boot into zfs with underlying geli layer amd64

Sebastian Anding kb at cccmz.de
Thu Jun 23 13:04:18 UTC 2011


i tried to switch to 8.0 stable. I checkout the src-all with cvsup 3
days ago.
After make buildworld, make buildkernel and make installkernel, I booted
into the new system. But now I'm not asked for the geli passphrases.
That results in the kernel not beeing able to mount the root vfs. The
keyboard (USB) is not responding anymore and so I'm not able to set
parameters after the root fs went missing, or produce a dmesg.

I guess that the discs are not detected anymore.

My setup can be seen in the attached files. There are one freebsd-swap
and one freebsd-zfs gpart partition on each disc. The gpart partitions
freebsd-zfs are encrypted with geli. I attach the dmesg of the Generic
8.2 release kernel too.

Has there been changes, which can result in behaviour described above?

So far,
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