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Chris Brennan xaero at
Wed Jun 22 17:13:31 UTC 2011

* George Kontostanos <gkontos.mail at> [2011-06-22 19:58:50 +0300]:

> I have also changed the SATA port in the controller!
> I am afraid that I might get a new controller and still have the same
> issues. I just want to eliminate any other options first.

Don't top post, it's against list policy. See my siganture for a 
reasonable reason why. 

Replace the port or just moved the drive to an unused port? Or did you 
physically remove the card and solder a new SATA Female port to your 
card (which I would imagine would violate/void your warranty on the 

Essentially this is what you've done so far:

    1. Changed drives
    2. Changed SATA Cable
    3. Moved to an unused port

To be perfectly honest, it sounds like a faulty card, which was my 
original assessment. First I would see replacement on the same card 
under the warranty, if it still produces a problem, I would change 
cards. There is a slim chance it could also be a driver issue.

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