csh Cannot open /etc/termcap after starting "screen"

Stefan `Sec` Zehl sec+freebsdstable at 42.org
Sat Jun 18 20:14:34 UTC 2011


On Thu, Jun 16, 2011 at 13:15 -0700, Jeremy Chadwick wrote:
>           Example: run mutt from within GNU screen while connected to
> the system with PuTTY, then copy some of the terminal content and paste
> it somewhere.  Wow, look at all those extraneous spaces at the end of
> lines, which you now gloriously have to manually remove.

While I don't want to stand in the way of your rant, this is actually a
bug/problem of mutt. -- mutt is really printing spaces there, so it is
(IMHO) correct that copy&paste copies spaces.

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