Stefan Esser se at FreeBSD.org
Wed Jun 1 12:23:18 UTC 2011

Am 01.06.2011 10:07, schrieb Jeremy Chadwick:
> Sadly I don't have a recommendation for you, since you effectively want
> a 6-port SATA300 controller that's reliable, you're almost certainly
> going to be paying Big Bucks(tm) given the number of ports and your
> requirement that it be PCIe-based.  You state quite boldly "not wanting
> to break the bank", but what you're asking for almost certainly WILL
> break the bank.
> For example, an "affordable" controller might be one driven by Silicon
> Image's SiI3124 chip -- four (4) SATA300 ports, but it's only hooked to
> PCI or PCI-X, not PCIe, which means you're susceptible to a much more
> severe bus bottleneck than with PCIe:
> http://www.siliconimage.com/products/family.aspx?id=3

FYI: There is at least one PCIe card with Sil3124 (with PCIe to PCI-X
bridge on the controller card):


Price is 69 Euro plus 5 Euro shipping to Europe or North America (i.e.
some US$110 total).

Regards, STefan

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