[ZFSv28]gtpzfsboot fails to boot ZFSv28 0511

Olivier Smedts olivier at gid0.org
Wed Jun 1 08:59:24 UTC 2011

2011/6/1 Jeremy Chadwick <freebsd at jdc.parodius.com>:
> On Tue, May 31, 2011 at 08:15:35PM -0500, Zhihao Yuan wrote:
>> I met this problem, which is serious. I need some help to recovered
>> the system, after that I'll show the photos about the error screen.
>> I used the ZFSv28 patch maintained by mm@ before, and I have a
>> backuped working kernel. I need a LiveCD/memstick to boot the system
>> and recover it. But after I burned the 9.0-current image to memstick,
>> I found that it keeps giving me kernel panic when booting! How can I
>> find a LiveFS with ZFSv28 support? Thanks.
> The closest thing I can think of is this:
> http://mfsbsd.vx.sk/

I had a problem with latest gptzfsboot under 9-CURRENT with my v28
pool, and restored the old gptzfsboot I had on a snapshot with "gpart
bootcode" thanks to mfsbsd.

> Except:
> 1) The ISOs there don't claim to be "LiveFS"; I don't know if they are.
> 2) There's no memory stick image available, only ISOs,
> 3) They're 8.2-RELEASE with ZFSv28 patches, not 9.0-CURRENT.  I don't
>   know the implications of this.
> Best to ask mm at .
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