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Mon Jan 31 10:10:13 UTC 2011

On Mon, 31 Jan 2011, Mark Andrews wrote:

> 	I was trying to upgrade a machine from RELEASE_6 (latest)
> 	to RELEASE_8 (latest) via source.  I was unable to get
> 	make buildworld to complete.

You need latest N to go to N+1, so a 6.4-RELEASE or RELENG_6 after
that should be able to go to 7.x but not straight to 8.
Multi-Release-Hop-Updates have been working once in a while in the past
with other releases but were never officially supported.

Not even a say 7.1 might be able to go to straight 8.x btw.

Unfortunately UPDATING wasn't really updated in that regard for a
while and might still say "To upgrade in-place from 5.x-stable to
current" in older branches;  I know it was fixed in 9 for 8 in [1]
as part of a large cleanup but I think a similar change never made
it back to other stable branches.



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