Living on gmirror: need to reincarnate /etc/rc.early

Eugene Grosbein egrosbein at
Tue Jan 25 07:21:02 UTC 2011


In RELENG_8, gmirror is good enough to keep whole HDD pair withing the mirror.
Its performance, stability any pretty ease of maintainance allows
to use it widely.

With wide deployment of gmirror in production I've faced inability
of RELENG_8 to store kernel crashdumps out-of-the-box.
gmirror manual page documents a way to setup FreeBSD so that
it would store crashdumps again but that way involves /etc/rc.early
removed from RELENG_8. I've read about intentions - it was unsafe etc.
But we still need working crashdump support.

Easiest way is to reincarnate /etc/rc.d/early support making it better and safer
and it should support gmirror's mechanics for crashdumps out-of-the-box.


Eugene Grosbein

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