RFC vgrind in base (and buildworld)

Damien Fleuriot ml at my.gd
Sun Jan 23 13:07:57 UTC 2011

On 1/21/11 11:20 PM, Ulrich Spörlein wrote:
> On Thu, 20.01.2011 at 21:17:40 +0100, Ulrich Spörlein wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Currently our buildworld relies on groff(1) and vgrind(1) being present
>> in the host system. I have a patch ready that at least makes sure these
>> are built during bootstrap-tools and completes the WITHOUT_GROFF flag.
>> vgrind(1) is only used for two papers under share/doc and we could
>> easily expand the results and commit them to svn directly, alleviating
>> the need to run vgrind(1) during buildworld.
>> OTOH, there are much more useful tools to vgrind(1) for source code
>> formatting. So do we still have vgrind(1) users out there?
>> Regards,
>> Uli
> [trying to get this thread back on track]
> Does anyone actually care about vgrind in base? Will people be angry if
> I unroll the 2 cases where it is used under share/doc?
> Regards,
> Uli

Hi Ulrich,

I think I'm speaking for a reasonable amount of people when I say: I
have no idea what vgrind is used for to begin with.

If you can safely and easily get us rid of a binary that's only used for
2 small things when building the world, I'm all for it.

The less clutter, the better :)



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