8-STABLE/amd64 semi-regular crash with "kernel trap 12 with interrupts disabled" in "process 12 (swi4: clock)"

Eugene Grosbein egrosbein at rdtc.ru
Wed Jan 19 08:44:10 UTC 2011

On 19.01.2011 03:12, Lev Serebryakov wrote:
> Hello, Freebsd-stable.
>   One of my servers crashes about once a week, with always same
> diagnostics: "kernel trap 12 with interrupts disabled" and in same
> process: "swi4: clock"
>   It doesn't look as memory failure, as memtest86+ can not find any
> errors in 8 passes.
>   Also, after this crash server refuse to auto-reboot, last message on
> console is "cpu_reset: Stopping other CPUs", and it hangs.
>   Kernel config, booting dmesg & results of "savecore" are attached
> (bzipped).

There is known instability in em(4) driver in 8.2-RELEASE,
it may panic due to some lack of NULL pointer checks.
You should update to RELENG_8 containting fix and retest.

Eugene Grosbein

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