geom_label, fstab without device names & swap partition?

Nicolai Mollerup nicolai.mollerup at
Sat Jan 15 02:59:51 UTC 2011

>> Well the thing is I like use glabel in place of a fs label as it makes
>> my devices all names something similar
>> /dev/label/thingie rather then have /dev/ufs/rootfs and
>> /dev/label/swap  , I'll have /dev/label/rootfs /dev/label/swap.
>> Also I dont think you can easily change a live label either .
> "tunefs -L" changes UFS label (/dev/ufs/label) and does not use extra 512 bytes of space.

If you read the original post, swap is mentioned. UFS labels doesnt
really work with swap partitions.

Therefore glabel is the more obvious choice for simple names to
partitions, and honestly 512 bytes on harddrive...

I would recommend using gpart to create partitions and labels, and
then put them in a gmirror for future convenience.

#gmirror status
Name    Status  Components
mirror/root  COMPLETE gpt/root0
mirror/var  COMPLETE  gpt/var0
mirror/tmp  COMPLETE  gpt/tmp0
mirror/usr  COMPLETE gpt/usr0
mirror/swap  COMPLETE  gpt/swap0

This way its very easy to add an extra harddrive and add that to the
mirror if needed later on.


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