Webcamd testers wanted on FreeBSD 8.2

Hans Petter Selasky hselasky at
Sat Jan 8 23:10:54 UTC 2011

On Sunday 09 January 2011 00:17:04 Luigi Rizzo wrote:
> speaking of webcamd, any idea on how to debug operation
> of skype and webcamd ?
> The thread at
> tml
> indicates the problem and shows symptoms.
> The most recent version of webcamd (0.1.18) now supports
> more of my webcams but still with similar problems.
> If (as it seems) the problem is related to the output format
> generated by the camera, i wonder if it is possible to
> tweak webcamd to generate a specific video format
> on startup, irrespective of the native camera format ?

Hi Luigi,

You can try adding a printout in:

kernel/kern_file.c, function linux_ioctl()

to get all the ioctls that skype issues. Maybe you get some clues from that.

> I am under the impression (perhaps wrong) that webcamd
> (or libv4l1) implements some conversion of the native formats ?

libv4l does format conversion yes. That's the idea behind libv4l, to not do 
that format conversion in the kernel.


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