NFSv4 - how to set up at FreeBSD 8.1 ?

Rick Macklem rmacklem at
Thu Jan 6 21:16:48 UTC 2011

> >
> > Not according to what I remember of the SunOS NFS documentation,
> > which indicated that the driving force behind using UDP instead of
> > TCP was to have the server be _completely_ stateless. (Of course
> > locking is inherently stateful; they made it very clear that the
> > locking protocol was considered to be an adjunct rather than part
> > of the NFS protocol itself.)
When I said I recalled that they didn't do TCP because of excessive
overhead, I forgot to mention that my recollection could be wrong.
Also, I suspect you are correct w.r.t. the above statement. (ie. Sun's
official position vs something I heard.)

Anyhow, appologies if I gave the impression that I was correcting your
statement. My intent was just to throw out another statement that I
vaguely recalled someone an Sun stating.


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