NFS - DNS fail stops boot in mountlate

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu Jan 6 19:50:38 UTC 2011


### setup
mount -d -a -l -v -t nfs
exec: mount_nfs -o ro -o tcp -o bg -o nolockd -o intr /mnt
exec: mount_nfs -o ro -o tcp -o bg -o nolockd -o intr foo:/tmp /mnt has been unplugged, no arp entry.
Host foo not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

### result
mount -v ; echo $?
[tcp] RPCPROG_NFS: RPC: Port mapper failure - RPC: Timed out
mount_nfs: Cannot immediately mount, backgrounding
/dev/ad0s1a on / (ufs, local, read-only, fsid <snip1>)

[this is ok.]

mount -v foo:/tmp ; echo $?
mount_nfs: foo: hostname nor servname provided, or not known
/dev/ad0s1a on / (ufs, local, read-only, fsid <snip1>)

[drops to shell, which is obviously bad behaviour.]
[mount_nfs should background as in the former.]

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